How To Fill The Joyetech Penguin

Filling The Joyetech Penguin With Ease
filling the joyetech penguin with eliquid

How to fill the Joyetech Penguin is one of the most asked questions when it comes to the popular pod system developed by Joyetech. This device features many brilliant options that make it, what some believe, the best in its class. While the brand has become known for creating and developing some of the most powerful and advanced mods of today, the Joyetech Penguin has become a staple in the world of vapor pod systems. Due to its unique design and simplified functionality, many are a bit taken back and lack the knowledge of how to use this device – most devices are far more complex and users have become accustomed to that. With that being said, this article was created to help with the basics of using this incredible device by sharing how to fill the Joyetech Penguin Vapor Pod System.

How To Fill The Joyetech Penguin

joyetech atopack penguin coilThe Penguin SE filling station can be a little tricky, but not complicated once you get to look at it from under the hood. In fact, once you pull the pod from the housing, you’ll notice that underneath the pod lies your JVIC Coil. With the coil present on the underside of the pod, you can now remove your coil from the pod and place it flat on a flat surface. When doing this, it’s a great idea to use paper towels as e-liquid is still soaked onto the wicking material inside of the coil housing. Next, you will want to take a look at your pod, immediately noticing¬†two¬†small holes. One hole was designed strictly for airflow, allowing air to travel from the outside of the device and through the coil’s housing. The other small hole leads to your tank, allowing you to access e-liquid in the pod’s tank compartment. While pouring e-liquid in this area may seem simple, things can get a little tricky. You’ll want to avoid creating a mess, so be sure to pour e-liquid from a needle tip bottle or dropper cap to ensure e-liquid is going directly into the filling hole. Another vital tip when you fill the Joyetech Penguin is to keep a close check on the e-liquid level so that you do not over-pour and create a mess.

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